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Terrible Potatoes are a limited special genesis token of the Terrible Pets / TP Universe, the early access pass, and a special sub-community within TP.

We intend to build deep relationships among holders, organize substantive shared experiences, facilitate collaborative creativity, and enable a meaningful program of advisory input for the TP Universe.
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There will be only 707 of them.
Terrible Potatoes have many super powers.

Minters will get to choose their own bespoke traits!
Do creative challenges to get on the Potato List.

Minting in September 2022.
0.05 ETH, but all funds used for holders.
tl;ap (too long; am potato)
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please stretch this site, can't grow no potatoes on such a small desktop farm.

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Verena Ortlieb

Chief Creative & Artist


A fun-loving German (yes, we know) who travelled the world with her coffee-nerd husband then chose to make a life, for now, in Amsterdam!  She claims to have the best kind of pet: a neighbors cat who spends all day with her but goes home to get fed and poop. Verena is the design wunderkind behind some award winning apps, but her sparkle talent for bringing illustrated characters to life is far too good to not be front and center in her work here. She recently learned that being called a GOAT is a good thing.

Adam Altman



A hapa from Hawaii who figure skated competitively way back, cooks way too much, stumbled into a 3M+ Clubhouse following, and has built Tech/Media products for 15+years.

Adam founded three VC-backed startups, was a VC at GGV Capital, consulted for McKinsey, and worked on product at Soundcloud, Ripple, Cameo, Automatic, and more. He’s angel invested in LaunchHouse, Curated, Clubhouse and others building in web3.

On weekends he cleans cat pee and feeds his spouse. Works with Bubba (below) on Spectrum Biobank, a non-profit for diversity in genetic research.

Engin Kurutepe


🤣 🤔 👨‍✈️ 🍕 💻

An unusually tall former Ph.D. candidate who quit his program many years ago when iOS development proved far too fun to not do. He flies glider planes on the weekend when not building LEGOs or playing Minecraft with his son Oskar. After growing up in Istanbul, Engin’s made a life in Berlin where he’s led engineering teams at many companies, co-organized the UIKonf conference, and has been featured in Apple Keynotes for his outstanding apps. The “g” in his name..like like the g in gif 😅.

Alec Berg

Alec is a comedy TV showrunner, writer, producer. He co-created and co-produced HBO’s Silicon Valley, Barry, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, Eurotrip, The Dictator, Late Night with Conan, and others.

Bubba Murarka

Bubba helped Facebook pivot to mobile, built product teams at Microsoft, started two non-profits, and founded four startups. Bubba’s done $Bns of strategic deals, has been awarded multiple patents, and built products >1Bn people use. His favorite side hustle was writing for HBO's Silicon Valley. Bubba has invested in and advised 50+ early stage startups including Udemy, Smule, Marco Polo, CircleCI, Periscope Data, Kettle & Fire, Running Tide, Seesaw, and Clubhouse. More at bubba.vc

Jonathan Dotan

JD is a Fellow at the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research and founder of its Starling Lab, making secure on-chain protocols for data trustworthiness in journalism, law, and social causes. He was a producer/writer on HBO’s Silicon Valley. Earlier, he was CEO of THREE STUDIOS, a JV with 3 Arts Entertainment to produce content/apps for 40M+ YouTube subs. He led strategy for OTOY, the holographic media pioneer, and co-founded OTOY Studios to empower next-generation storytellers.
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